Empowering People, Healing the Planet

Why Upgrading ESG Matters

Jeffrey Levine

8/30/20233 min read

Imagine a world where improving lives and combating climate change go hand in hand. It's not a dream; it's a vision that drives Upgrading ESG's core philosophy. We believe that by prioritizing people, we can spark a transformation that reverberates through our planet. This journey is about amplifying humanity's heartbeat while nurturing Mother Earth's health.

🌍 A Harmonious Duet: People and Planet

At the heart of our mission lies a simple truth: When we enhance the quality of lives, we simultaneously take a monumental step towards healing our planet. This philosophy has been the compass guiding us at Upgrading ESG. But let's rewind a bit.

📊 Raising Standards, Treading Net-Zero

The spark ignited when McKinsey's research paper, which validated my approach at Upgrading ESG, in an article titled "From Poverty to Empowerment: Raising the Bar for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth," posed a vital question: What would it take to raise minimum living standards and get on a net-zero path in this decade?

The report highlights, “About 4.7 billion people worldwide (approximately 60 percent of the global population) are not yet fully economically empowered by this benchmark. Some 4.4 billion of them live in low- and middle-income countries; nearly half are in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Some may live in rural villages far from the nearest medical clinic; others are in crowded urban tenements.”


How can we elevate living standards while steering towards a net-zero future within this decade?

A question that resonates with our very essence.

🌟 Our Blueprint: Putting People First

In the past few months, I have been evolving and developing a strategy that aligns with my core beliefs. I have shared blogs exploring the concepts of environmental limits, acknowledging collective responsibilities, and envisioning the pillars of a good society. This journey culminates in our current strategy—partnering with corporations to enrich their corporate social responsibility by investing, not just giving back, in the countries they operate in. These thoughts were shared in the blog https://upgradingesg.com/corporate-social-responsibility-in-africa

Not only corporations , but NGOs, governments and you and me can make a difference.

💡 The Game-Changer: Agro Offsets

The giants like Facebook, Google, telecom companies, supermarkets, mining companies, and oil and gas giants hold the potential to spark change in the countries they engage with. We've introduced a groundbreaking concept—agro offsets. These are not just about offsetting carbon, but about making real, tangible impacts. It's about nourishing communities and transforming lives.

🌾 Introducing FarmUp: Where Transformation Begins

Our vision takes form in FarmUp, a platform designed to catalyse change in developing nations, enhance financial inclusion, and uplift these farmers.

FarmUp thrives on four pillars that revolve around uplifting lives:

  1. Urban Farming Transformation: Empowering urban farmers with cutting-edge ag-tech, water efficiency and farming services.

  2. Solar Agro Adoption: Fusing agriculture with solar energy creates a powerful synergy for both prosperity and sustainability.

  3. Mango Industry Upgradation: Addressing unique challenges in the mango industry, a cornerstone for economic growth in many African countries.

  4. Eco-Village Creation: Transforming villages into self-sustaining, eco-friendly havens, marked by the ingenious use of adobe housing mud solutions.

The vision of FarmUp is financial inclusion, economic uplift of these farmers and the provision of financial and farming services in a platform that enables sustainable investment.

🌄 A Call to Action: Join the Movement

This is a narrative of promise, a blueprint for a world where empowerment meets environmental stewardship. We invite you to dive deeper, to understand how FarmUp's activities present a compelling case to tackle the twin challenges that define our era—elevating people's lives while safeguarding our planet.

Our mission is bold, but it's rooted in the belief that collective action, driven by compassion and innovation, can rewrite the course of history. You can find out more about Upgrading ESG and FarmUp. Together, we can kindle a brighter future where people flourish and our Earth thrives. We're here to connect, to collaborate, and to inspire change.

🌱 The journey begins. The call echoes. Join us in shaping a legacy of transformation.