Where Innovation meets ESG

Where Innovation meets ESG is the new frontier. With Innovation and adopting ESG principles, there are many opportunities to bring about change. create new business opportunities and business models, and bring about a real change in meeting all the UN SDG Goals while at the same time increasing shareholder value and making a positive social impact

From Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Smart Grids , Electric Vehicles , Transport solutions, heatand ooling, planning of cities and buildings

Areas of interest

Water remains a major challenge - droughts , floods around the world

Food waste, over & incorrect consumption - from agriculture to, meat and fish


The use of Big Data, Ai, Blockchain, and Tracking are just some of the tools that are being adopted


Alternatives to plastic, and the usage of wood are just two examples


This a major area of required change from use of concrete, to building heating/cooling, and more natural solutions.

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Where ESG meets Innovation

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