Responsible Investing

What Does Your Money Say About You?

8/11/20234 min read

We have the concept of ESG Investing, Impact Investing, Systems Change Investing, and the term Responsible Investing. This blog will look at Responsible Investing, which considers Profit, ESG, and the impact on the planet and people. Next week's blog will focus on Systems change Investing and efforts to bring about this.

I want to share some inspirational ideas from Noga Levtzion Nadan, an Israeli woman who describes herself as the Founder and CEO of Greeneye and Value^2. After several years of work in international organisations, she cofounded Greeneye and Value^2, which focused on responsible investment and ESG.

I have following Noga for a few years now, and I want to share ideas from her brilliant Ted Talk titled What Does Your Money Say About You?

In this powerful and practical talk, investment fund owner and Green Globe Award winner Noga Levtzion Nadan reveals the massive impact our investments have on the world and why we must understand how investing in companies that are both financially strong as well as environmentally and socially aware is not only more moral but often more profitable.

Bringing a fresh perspective to this hugely important area, Noga draws on over 18 years of experience in sustainable investment, posing the question: “What do our investments say about us?”

She brings an important message – starting with us, the individual, the concerned citizen who, through our Pensions, should exercise the right to influence and choose our Investments for Investment for that also takes into account the environment and society (workers and community) show us how we can all make our money better reflect who we are.

Responsible Investing

As per my practice, I asked our friend ChatGPT for help.

“Responsible investing, also known as sustainable investing or socially responsible investing (SRI), is an approach to investing that takes into consideration both financial return objectives and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. It involves considering the potential impact of an investment on various stakeholders, including society at large, the environment, and future generations.

Responsible investing has gained significant traction recently as more investors recognise the importance of sustainable practices and the potential for long-term value creation. It is driven by the belief that incorporating ESG factors into investment decisions can contribute to better risk management, improved financial performance, and a more sustainable and equitable future.”

So, let’s go back to Noga and see how she defines Responsible Investing

What are responsible investments?

Responsible investments are impact investments, which incorporate, into traditional financial considerations, management, and performance of companies in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, thus enabling broader and more accurate risk management and allowing investments to be more tailored to investors’ values without compromising financial returns.

Therefore, it is not surprising that responsible investments have become a leading strategy among the largest financial institutions in the world, and funds invested in sustainable assets today stand at approx $ 100 trillion.

You can learn more about Noga's work at her website

Where to get started?

It is up to us to make a change by asking our pension providers some tough questions or moving our pensions to Sustainable Investments and considering Investing in Funds that incorporate high standards of ESG.

From what I see, there is a shortfall of Investments required to make a system change. and for companies to change their business models. Take the Fossil Fuel conglomerates that have. Have given up the presence of system change.

Rapidly growing problems strongly indicate that modern human systems are breaking down. Substantial systemic changes are needed to avoid system collapse.

There is now much talk of Investing in Nature and Nature Tech. However, while more than half of the world’s GDP depends on nature and its services, investments in nature are massively underfunded despite the global momentum. UNEP’s State of the Finance for Nature Report highlights this financing gap. Finance flows are currently US$154 billion per year, less than half of the US$384 billion per year investment in NbS needed by 2025 and only a third of the investment required by 2030 (US$484 billion per year).

Next week's blog will detail the subject of System Change Investing.

Call of action

The aim of Upgrading ESG – Sharing ideas and innovation to upgrade ESG – for a more sustainable world

This requires a comprehensive approach integrating sustainable practices, policy changes, technological innovation, and collective action. We can restore and protect the world by working together across sectors and taking action at various levels.

I have chosen to keep the words ESG – This represents the best chance for the Environment and Society. Without Governance – Structure, processes, reporting and transparency, we will continue to greenwash and be hoodwinked. ESG is much more than Investing ESG or Company ESG, but we need to have Country ESG, City ESG and Product ESG where we, the consumer and citizen, know the good and bad of that product for the environment and society.

Hence, the need to Upgrade ESG.

ESG represents a substantial shift in how companies and boards operate their businesses and impact the world for the better. This is cemented by the IFRS’s new sustainability standards, which require a much more comprehensive, documented approach that will drive the need for ESG compliance and assurance. Ultimately, it will affect Investors and positively or negatively on the company's ability to keep or gain new customers.

Companies and boards must take urgent action in this new ESG world.

Upgrading ESG provides an opportunity for your company to upgrade your ESG story.

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